Day 1:
We drove from Copenhagen (DK) to Malmö (SE) to meet up with the guys in Katatonia and Agent Fresco. There is always some issues at the first day of tour so we only got like a 15min soundcheck 30min before we were hitting the stage.
Dinner was great. I had some taco/fajitas with vegan Oumph! and lots of vegetables. Good food = Happy Simen!

It was my first show with VOLA, and we have only had two and a half day with practice. So I was reading a lot of the sheets on my mac, just to be sure I did not screw up.
There were no major fuck ups, and it went so much better than expected. So it was kind of relief to get it done!

Forgot to charge my camera, so don´t have to many photos of the day, but here are some from practice and the days before.

Me at the Airport in Kristiansand with all my gear. Serious pain in the asa to get it all shipped down to Copenhagen. NEVER ship hardware, NEVER!

The tour bus – our home for the next 40 days or so!
Here we are out for a bite to eat in Copenhagen.

The boys in VOLA and me outside the rehearsal space. Super nice dudes, they are awesome.

A sick foto by Björn Olsson from the show in Malmö. Thank you!

– Simen Sandnes